My Story (Galaxy S3 / Note2)

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Description of My Story (Galaxy S3 / Note2)

My Story is a letter application that will stimulate and amuse you.

Reach out to your family and friends around the world with a special letter that delivers your voice, pictures, and images.

1. Supported models

- Models supported by My Story: Galaxy Note2, Galaxy Camera, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy S2 HD

- Models supported by this APK: Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Camera

2. Charges

Additional charges may apply when connecting to a mobile network (3G or LTE), depending on your mobile plan.

3. Restrictions

Only ICS or higher versions are supported.

Your friend list is automatically created with the phone numbers in the contacts when you install My Story and create an account.

Adding a friend requires that you add your friend's phone number to your contacts.

4. Key features

1) Letters

- View Letter : Sort by, Search, Backup and restore, View by, Share via, Forward, Reply to, Delete, Add tag, View details(Confirm receipt), Lock and Unlock

2) Templates : Browse templates (Slide view, Thumbnail view), Download new template, Update template

3) Create and send letter

- Create letter : Handwriting, Write text, Insert multimedia content (Voice memo, BGM, Image, Video), Save draft, View mode

- Send letter : Enter recipient / Select recipients, Send

4) Letters received

- View letter : Letter animation, Handwriting animation, Replay, Screen capture/Share, Play and pause BGM, Play and pause voice memo

- Reply to, Forward, Delete

5) Friends : Search for friends, Block, Sync, Show newly added friends, Invite friends

6) Settings : My profile, Notice, Version check

5. Revisions

- Fixed issues where photos cannot be reset when attempting to edit after saving a letter with a photo

- Fixed error where pen input appears on a page that was saved without any pen input when sharing a letter

- Fixed issues where pen settings would be reset when the pen settings window was opened after opening the text settings window while writing a letter

- Fixed issues where letters without tags are searched when the inbox is filtered using tags

- Fixed error in the progress indicator when downloading multiple templates

- Fixed issues where text in letters would not appear in the set font

- Revised to maintain color when changing pen styles

- Fixed issues where changes to pen color in default templates would not be preserved in downloaded templates

- Multi-lingual TalkBack support

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